Premium Performance Network

Boost your mobile user acquisition using our Premium Performance Network

CoRise Lab’s Premium Performance Network enables Brands, Agencies, App Developers and Advertisers to exponentially grow their mobile user acquisition and app usage. 


We offer you carefully curated solutions to reach your desired audience, acquire engaged users, and carry your app to success.


All you have to do is Tell Us Your Objectives, The Geographies You Want to Target, and The KPIs You Want Us to Deliver On. We handle the rest!

Extended Reach

Our integration with more than 50 ad-networks, DSPs and SSPs enables us to tap highly engaged users and deliver ads across 300,000 apps worldwide.

3rd Party Partners

Our integration with 3rd party attribution partners enables us to comfortably track retention, in-app purchases, and in-app events providing enhanced real-time insights.

Superior Targeting

We leverage a highly sophisticated data-driven approach factored on multiple parameters to optimize targeting for control and high-value traffic.

Performance Based Pricing

We take great pride in delivering the right users at the right time for your apps and offer a convenient and risk free pricing model based on CPI, CPE, CPA and / or CPL

Fraud Protection

We understand the importance of maintaining high brand standards and constantly monitor for suspicious traffic through our advanced anti-fraud integrated framework.

Dedicated Support

Our User Acquisition (UA) strategist is dedicated to delivering results and will help you run, manage and optimize campaigns for maximum ROI.

Realize your true potential by scaling your user base using our Premium Performance Network today!